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Hydrorock Solutions provide Aquifer blockssustainable drainage (SuDS) system of natural stone wool.

A Dutch modular water management system designed to prevent onsite flooding and drought by replicating the natural water cycle. 

Delivering cost savings, environmental, sustainability, social and construction benefits unlocking projects for civil engineers, councils, architects, developers and contractors. 

Hydrorock will change the way we manage rainwater in the UK. 

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At Hyrodrock Solutions our mission is to implement previously unattainable and sustainable solutions for buffering storm water, harvesting rainwater, infiltrating runoff, draining groundwater, and irrigation.

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HydroRock SuDS Unlocked Podcast

Take a listen to our new podcast series ‘SuDS Unlocked’, a robust discussion about the current challenges of water management that explores new sustainable technologies, debating viable solutions for difficult applications. Looking to a sustainable future and challenging the norm on buried plastic.

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SuDS Unlocked Podcast

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