Invented by those for whom water management is critical

Hydrorock natural aquifer blocks were developed by the Dutch to do everything better than anything else – they are faster, easier, simpler, cheaper and greener than traditional systems with virtually no maintenance.

Inside a Hydrorock block is a highly absorbent functional core made from naturally-abundant basalt rock. Developed over 10 years by leading mineral products manufacturer Rockwool, the flexibility and versatility of the product was then enhanced by creating several different types and formats of block; pre-wrapped in an erosion resistant, water-permeable membrane.

This membrane not only protects the blocks from damage, but also filters out particles and impurities from the water entering the aquifer, ensuring ongoing consistency of performance.

Tree-lined country road with narrow verges - Surrey

Using Hydrorock blocks without channels or connectors takes the next step towards a no-plastic future

Early adopters of novel products also tend to take an innovative approach to their use. They understand the characteristics and capabilities of such a product and think beyond convention to conceive different ways in which it could be deployed.

Such is the case at Surrey County Council, where their Flood Risk & Network Resilience team are championing Hydrorock sustainable drainage solutions and the minimisation of plastic usage.

On the Tilford Street project they have also taken an improvised approach by establishing a high-level design with the detailed execution determined by contractors and engineers on the ground.

We have live projects in the UK where local authorities are spearheading the adoption of innovative design approaches and surface water management solutions enabled by Hydrorock products.

If you have a surface water management project where a more innovative approach and solution could become a beacon for other sites, please contact us to see if Hydrorock Solutions can help.

  • Faster

  • Easier

  • Simpler

  • Cheaper

  • Greener

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