HydroRock  How Hydrorock Solutions Helps Its Clients

We work with our clients to provide a range of sustainable and customised water management systems to prevent onsite flooding and drought

Working with you to find your right system

Our expertise and range of systems available allow our clients to identify and implement their optimal Hydrorock Aquifer System for design and install purposes.

Hydrorock correctly identifies specific project circumstances, considering:

  • Surface area of catchment zone (m2)

  • Potential rainfall volume (litre/time)

  • Soil type (infiltration capability)

Hydrorock calculates required performance metrics, considering:

  • Storm water/runoff buffering volume

  • Rainwater harvesting volume

  • Infiltration rates

  • Irrigation volume and rates

Hydrorock optimises design configuration (most efficient and cost effective), considering:

  • Layout of Hydrorock Aquifer Blocks and ancillaries

  • Selection of optimal type, size and number of blocks

  • Selection of optimal type, size and number of ancillaries

Hydrorock optimise planning installation (most efficient and cost effective), considering:

  • Fastest/shortest installation time

  • Least use of labour and machinery

  • Minimal excavation (size of hole) and spoil (waste handling)

  • Least disruption onsite and for local community

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Our team will help you find an effective, sustainable water management system for your project. We support you from design right through to installation.

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