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We work with architects and designers to overcome flooding issues with greener, more efficient and cheaper SuDS systems which work to replicate the natural water cycle. Effectively and efficiently managing water for both new build and refurbishment projects in both urban and rural areas.

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Smart Decentralised Infiltration Systems

Hydrorock’s decentralised Aquifer SuDS system prevents flooding in streets, public spaces, industrial sites, in green areas and heavily paved areas. The retention of rainwater on its own territory is becoming more and more important; either by disconnecting from the rainwater drainages or through the buffering and infiltration of rainwater to prevent desiccation.

Natural Aquifer SuDS decentralised model absorb and retain water as close as possible to where it falls, enabling rainwater to be retained onsite by dispersing it as widely as possible. This minimises and controls runoff across the entire area, very gradually releasing the water into the soil, preventing large volumes of water gathering in a single place and thereby the risk of flooding.

Natural Aquifer SuDS infiltrate through the bottom and sides, which means the Aquifer Blocks have greater side surface area for infiltration. They also begin infiltration immediately when water enters. Therefore, decentralised systems can infiltrate water 600% faster than a single crated Sump of the same volume.

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