HydroRock  Why Hydrorock Solutions Exists

Hydrorock Aquifer Blocks provide clients with a range of flexible water management solutions for the actual and potential effects of excess or lack of water

Why Hydrorock Exists

Better, greener solutions urgently needed

Increasing rainfall from climate change is rapidly accelerating and exacerbating problems, such as flooding.

Planners, designers, developers and builders are all urgently seeking to identify and implement alternative, better, sustainable solutions. Solutions that actually work properly and are environmentally friendly.

Why Hydrorock Exists

Growing water management problems

City and council authorities recognise urbanisation has broken the water cycle in the built environment and impervious surface areas from roofing, roads and car parks are growing. As a result, ground area available for absorption and infiltration of rainwater into soil is also diminishing. Storm water runoff gathers faster and in greater volumes which means the frequency and severity of urban flooding is increasing due to overpowering of the sewage system.

Rainfall is failing to replenish the falling water tables or maintain soil moisture, and drying soil is causing serious structural problems due to soil shrinkage, cracking and movement as well as deteriorating the soil condition for habitats.

Why Hydrorock Exists

Current solutions don’t work properly

Discharging rainwater runoff directly into the sewage system is an environmentally unacceptable waste of a precious resource. Huge amounts of energy is used and great cost incurred for the unnecessary treatment of clean water.

The alternative of digging large sumps in the ground filled with plastic crates, to stop the hole collapsing, has very limited utility and is destined to fail at some point. Infiltration is inefficient even when new, and ongoing inspection and maintenance is required to manage and mitigate continually declining performance.

Why Hydrorock Exists

Why Hydrorock Solutions exist

Hydrorock Solutions uses Hydrorock Aquifer Blocks to provide clients with a range of flexible water management solutions for the actual and potential effects of onsite flooding or drought.

Hydrorock Aquifer SuDS System is made from a totally new, highly innovative and very versatile water permeable substrate made from solid mineral wool, which acts like both a sponge and reservoir.

These unique absorbency, retention and release characteristics provide faster capability and greater capacity for buffering against flooding and harvesting of rainwater. As well as better infiltration rates into the soil and the ability to irrigate to combat drought.

HydroRock Hydrorock Aquifer SuDS Systems