Uncertainty underground is no obstacle to Hydrorock

One of the biggest project risks for highway flooding mitigation is the discovery of barriers or obstacles underground. No matter how good the utility mapping or surveying of a project site, there are often unexpected complications found once excavation has started.

The installation flexibility of Hydrorock for surface water management allows for an initial engineering design to be flexed on site by the contractor, to work across or around unforeseen obstacles.

Tree-lined country road with narrow verges - Surrey

Blind Hydrorock blocks butted up against each other create unitary aquifers

The adaptability of Hydrorock also empowers a more improvised approach to solution design, where a broad outline objective is set and a combination of an engineer and contractors on site will develop the solution as they go.

In Tilford Street, Surrey County Council’s contractors are keeping their solution design fluid and are installing blind blocks to create a unitary aquifer crossing the road from where standing water collects to an existing drainage system.

Stefan Jankowski of Surrey County Council

The blocks fit together easily and can be connected by flexi pipe to work round obstacles

On Lizard Lane in South Tyneside, the engineer created a detailed plan to install four Hydrorock modules along the length of the site but knew that with so many other utilities and services located alongside, that the design would have to flex once excavations began.

This extract from the general arrangement drawing shows multiple buried cables, pipes and other obstructions in the road verge. It also shows in blue where one of the Hydrorock modules had to be split and connected with flexipipe to work around an electricity pole.

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We have live projects in the UK where the flexibility of Hydrorock installations is being exploited to provide solutions to persistent highway flooding.

If you have a surface water management project where a more adaptable design could help overcome site constraints, please contact us to see if Hydrorock Solutions can help.

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