HydroRock How Do Sustainable Drainage Systems Work – The Hydrorock Way

The Hydrorock Natural Aquifer SuDS System is a true sustainable drainage solution used for buffering storm water, harvesting rainwater, infiltrating runoff, draining groundwater and irrigation

HydroRock Aquifer SuDS Work Just Like a Natural Aquifer!

  • Soaking up water like a sponge – rapidly absorbing 94% of its cubic volume

  • Holding water like a reservoir – suspends water within the capillaries between fibres – supports weight of the water – prevents soil compaction beneath Aquifer Blocks

  • Releasing water like a watering can – water readily infiltrates the soil through both the bottom and sides of Aquifer Blocks

  • Optimising surrounding soil water balance – as soil surrounding Aquifer Blocks dries it draws out water through capillary action

Dispersed Infiltration Model

Natural Aquifer SuDS is a dispersed model, treating rainwater as a precious resource. It is focused on balancing the water triangle – quantity / quality / amenity & biodiversity. It absorbs and retains rainwater close to where it falls, keeping water onsite and dispersed as widely possible, minimising and controlling runoff through preventing large volumes of water gathering in a single place. Essentially it mimics the natural water cycle!

Natural Aquifer SuDS infiltrate through the bottom and sides, which means the Aquifer Blocks have greater side surface area for infiltration. They also begin infiltration immediately when water enters. Therefore, decentralised systems can infiltrate water 600% faster than a single crated Sump of the same volume.

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HydroRock Ever Seen Anything Like it Before?

  • Hydrorock Aquifer Blocks are a natural aquifer – a sponge soaking up water, a reservoir holding water, and a watering can releasing water.

  • Hydrorock Aquifer Blocks can hold around 94% water of its cubic volume – so a cubic metre of blocks hold around 940 litres of water.

  • Water is retained within the capillaries of the Hydrorock Aquifer Block or moved in and out through them by water pressure differential between inside the block and the surrounding soil.

  • When the water pressure is equal between the Hydrorock Aquifer Block and the soil, water is retained within the block.

  • As the moisture level of the soil drops as it dries, so does the water pressure and water is released from the Hydrorock Aquifer Block into the soil.

  • If the water pressure of the soil is greater due to higher soil moisture level, water enters the Hydrorock Aquifer Block.

  • Because the fibres within the Hydrorock Aquifer Blocks are laid down directionally, it means that a block positioned upright can be used for water buffering and drainage, and for drainage when positioned on its side.

  • Hydrorock Aquifer Blocks outperform every other type of water management as a result of the blocks’ unique ability to support the weight of the water within them. This means that there is much lower hydrostatic pressure on the soil beneath, preventing compaction and enabling infiltration across the whole surface area of the bottom and four sides.

HydroRock Online Natural Aquifer SuDS CPD

This online Continuing Professional Development (CPD) training/explanatory series demonstrates how Natural Aquifer SuDS are completely unique in their ability to absorb, suspend and infiltrate excess water. Whist also being cheaper, greener and more efficient than alternative SuDS. Preventing flooding and drought, see how Dutch technology revolutionises what it means to sustainably and effectively manage rainwater.

Designed for highway, civil and drainage engineers, architects and other construction professionals, this CPD will give you a complete overview of how Natural Aquifer SuDS systems work, sector applicability and will take a look at some real life examples.


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