Hydrorock Solutions has just launched the only real sustainable drainage system in the UK and Ireland! Years of research and development by the Rockwool has created this revolutionary green Hydrorock Natural Aquifer SuDS System – an aquifer drainage system made from totally natural materials, designed specifically to help overcome worsening flooding and drainage problems due to climate change.

Already revolutionising SuDS for the Dutch

Hydrorock has been embraced by the Dutch as the only ‘real SuDS’ system, retaining and properly managing rainfall where it falls, controlling runoff and preventing flooding, benefitting water quality, soil condition and biodiversity. Easier, faster and cheaper to install than existing alternatives, Hydrorock is already transforming sustainable drainage in Holland for new construction and retrofitting of existing highways, industrial and residential premises.

Take a look around our shiny new website, read for yourself about how Hydrorock works and the benefits it offers, and let us know what you think!

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