We are excited to once again be working alongside South Tyneside council on our most recent project to provide a sustainable drainage system that successfully manages flooding.

Flood management at this site is particularly critical to ensure safe access to the rural village of Whitburn. The success of previous installations meant that South Tyneside Council were confident in using Hydrorock blocks at this project.

A Hydrorock Aquifer Water Infiltration System is being installed at a challenging site, outside the village of Whitburn, to provide an effective and sustainable water management system in a location where traditional solutions are not viable.

Hydrorock sustainable water management

The narrow verges and rural setting of this site means that there is limited space and a need for low disruption whilst installing a solution. This is possible with Hydrorock due to the minimal excavation required and extremely quick installation process minimising road closure times.

Through the use of Hydrorock blocks, South Tyneside council will achieve a solution that removes water from the road surface quickly whilst adapting to the narrow and complex site. Further to this, the solution will provide longevity and require no maintenance in the future once installed.

This being our second project with South Tyneside Council we are happy to report smooth progress with the installation and expect similar results to our successful previous project at Lizard Lane. Watch this space for more project updates to come.

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