Who: Steven Smith, Hydrorock Sales Director

Overview: Following ten years of research and development by Rockwool, Hydrorock Solutions has launched a new, innovative, sustainable drainage system consisting of Natural Aquifer Blocks in the UK. Effectively managing surface water to prevent flooding and drought, Natural Aquifer Blocks are made from natural stone wool, providing an enhanced natural water management system, an alternative to burying plastics underground.

The Hydrorock system stops large volumes of water collecting in a single place, moving, storing and releasing water by infiltration, attenuation and irrigation. An increased surface area is achieved due to the system’s modularity, and the capillary action allowing infiltration through the base.

Key topics:

1. The broken water cycle and its environmental impact

2. What are SuDS and how are they sustainable?

3. Introducing Hydrorock Natural Aquifer Blocks

4. Hydrorock in comparison to other SuDS