Dordrecht Hydrorock project

A Hydrorock Aquifer SuDS Solution for Dordrecht, Netherlands

The local council of Dordrecht approached Hydrorock Solutions with a request to design a green retrofitted Aquifer SuDS Buffering and Infiltration system.

System information

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System design brief

There was a brief to design a green retrofitted SuDS Buffering & Infiltration system. The site consists circa 100 houses and flats with all surrounding roofs and roads connected through down pipes and gullies to the underground sewage system. Small common linear green areas run the length of courtyards between the roads. The sewage system was too small to cope with the rainwater runoff from persistent and heavy downpours, resulting in flooding damage and health risks. Additionally, onsite green areas required watering twice weekly during summer.

The Hydrorock Natural Aquifer SuDS System

The Hydrorock Natural Aquifer SuDS System was purposely designed to buffer 60,000 litres (1 hour) within a heavily built up area accommodating multiple overground and underground obstacles, with minimal disruption to the residents’ normal lives.

Hydrorock Aquifer Blocks are solid which enabled placement immediately adjacent to buildings. The blocks enabled decentralisation of water, dispersing it widely across the site optimising soil water balance for the green areas.

The site plan on the Project PDF Download shows the dispersed Hydrorock Natural Aquifer SuDS System placed around the site in 12 Modules of varying capacity.

Hydrorock benefits

By selecting Hydrorock, a SuDS solution was designed for the project that:

  • Prevents storm water flooding and minimises the need for any water to leave site

  • Ensures existing sewage system capacity remains adequate

  • Harvests and utilises precious rainwater for irrigation

  • Disperses water across the site spreading soil water balance benefit

  • Is 100% green and maintenance free

  • Minimises local disruption as fast modular installation was done in small sections

  • Readily accommodates existing complex and immovable underground infrastructure

Hydrorock Water Infiltration

HydroRock System Used

In addressing the request to design a green retrofitted Aquifer SuDS Buffering and Infiltration solution, Hydrorock’s Aquifer Water Infiltration System was installed.

Aquifer Water Infiltration System

Our range of Hydrorock Aquifer Blocks are configured for each specific site allowing for far faster infiltration of rainwater. Our HD range of Hydrorock Aquifer Blocks gives a new, cost effective infiltration system that has many advantages over current solutions.

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Project Key Facts

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