A Hydrorock Aquifer SuDS Solution for A Large Car Park

Hydrorock Solutions were approach as the existing drainage system for the car park was insufficient for dealing with more frequent heavy rainstorms and parking areas were experiencing increased flooding.

System information

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System design brief

In many cities the existing drainage system is not designed for the recent increase in prolonged and severe rain showers, resulting in increased street flooding. The client was experiencing growing inconvenience from deep puddles gathering in a parking area in the local city centre. Capacity of the drainage system was insufficient for dealing with more frequent heavy rainstorms and parking areas were experiencing increased flooding.

The Hydrorock Block System

Hydrorock’s new Aquifer SuDS solution ensures excess water is easily buffered and rapidly absorbed into Hydrorock Blocks under the existing infrastructure and then efficiently infiltrated into the soil. Flooding is prevented, disruption and inconvenience to people avoided, proper groundwater levels are maintained and soil condition is improved.

Installation of the Hydrorock Aquifer System allowed for the excess water to be readily absorbed and immediately solved the car parks flooding issues. Hydrorock Buffering & Drainage Blocks rapidly absorb 94% water of their cubic volume, then gradually release the water into the soil. The Hydrorock System can easily be retrofitted within the built environment, readily accommodating existing surface and underground infrastructure. Minimal groundwork and very rapid installation greatly limits local disruption in comparison with alternative solutions.

From an environmental perspective, the Hydrorock Blocks are a totally green aquifer which works to repair the broken natural water cycle; made from mineral wool which is a 100% natural material. Offering truly sustainable and environmental responsible solutions to complex water drainage problems in challenging locations. Additionally, Hydrorock High-Density Blocks can withstand HGVs.

Hydrorock benefits

By selecting the Hydrorock Block System, the customers were able to design a SuDS solution for the project that:

  • Retains all infiltrated rainwater onsite, using a dispersed aquifer system

  • Is 100% green, using a natural substrate

  • Is maintenance free and lasts a lifetime

  • High-density blocks can withstand HGVs

  • Prevents rainwater and storm water flooding and minimises the need for any water to leave site

  • Minimised local disruption as installation was done module by module

Hydrorock Water Infiltration

HydroRock System Used

To provide a fully integrated green SuDS solution that harvests and buffers rainwater and runoff, before infiltrating all site water within the confines of the site, our Hydrorock Water Infiltration System was integrated.

Water Infiltration System

Our range of Hydrorock Blocks are configured for each specific site allowing for far faster infiltration of rainwater. Our HD range of Hydrorock Blocks gives a new, cost effective infiltration system that has many advantages over current solutions.

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