A Hydrorock Aquifer SuDS Solution for a Public Green Area

Hydrorock Natural Aquifer SuDS were installed to aid rainfall infiltration and protect the surrounding ecology, in a green and sustainable way.

System information

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System design brief

The project brief included the requirement to aid rainfall infiltration in a green and sustainable manner in a coastal tourist town with 3.5 million inhabitants. This town had implemented very strict regulations regarding the management and maintenance of the surrounding green areas such as the greenbelts alongside roads and city gardens. There is a considerable challenge with regard to the ability of plant borders and trees to withstand wind and environmental influences in the subtropical climate they are exposed to. As well as this, the soil type in this area is primarily loam, a soil type with a very slow penetration speed.

The Hydrorock Aquifer System

In light of the slow penetration and drainage speed of the soil, along with the green requirements, Hydrorock Aquifer SuDS were specified. Hydrorock is renowned for its impressive absorbency and infiltration rates, as well as its natural properties, and was considered the perfect sustainable drainage system for this project. Hydrorock was installed across 100 metres by 38 metres to aid the infiltration and protect the surrounding ecology.

There are two key reasons as to why Aquifer SuDS system infiltrate much more effectively than alternatives, such as Sumps. The first being, when held in suspension there is no hydrostatic pressure meaning that water can infiltrate from the bottom, unlike sumps. Secondly, because the Aquifer SuDS system is modular there is larger surface area from which to infiltrate. Hydrorock Aquifer blocks can actually infiltrate 600 times faster than alternative SuDS systems.

Hydrorock benefits

By selecting the Hydrorock Natural Aquifer SuDS System, the drainage engineers were able to design a SuDS solution for the project that:

  • Retains all infiltrated rainwater onsite, using a dispersed aquifer system

  • Is 100% green, using a natural substrate

  • Is maintenance free and lasts a lifetime

  • Prevents rainwater and storm water flooding and minimises the need for any water to leave site

Hydrorock Water Infiltration

HydroRock System Used

To provide a fully integrated green SuDS solution that harvests and buffers rainwater and runoff, before infiltrating all site water within the confines of the site, our Hydrorock Aquifer Water Infiltration System was integrated.

Aquifer Water Infiltration System

Our range of Hydrorock Aquifer Blocks are configured for each specific site allowing for far faster infiltration of rainwater. Our HD range of Hydrorock Aquifer Blocks gives a new, cost effective infiltration system that has many advantages over current solutions.

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