HydroRock Aquifer Stormwater Attenuation System

The Hydrorock Aquifer Stormwater Attenuation system delivers a properly sustainable attenuation solution to manage excess rainwater. At the heart of the system is a highly innovative, mineral wool product developed by market leaders Rockwool to provide a revolutionary storm water attenuation system with major advantages over all current alternatives.

Hydrorock Aquifer Blocks are manufactured from 100% mineral fibre and are natural aquifers – soaking up water like sponges and holding it as a reservoir before releasing it like a watering can.

Why use the Aquifer Stormwater Attenuation system?

  • Improved onsite water management

  • Use on difficult sites and in limited spaces

  • Faster installation

  • Maximising land use for cost effective construction

  • Dispersion capability

  • Ability to be readily scalable

  • Continuous low level infiltration

  • Slow continuous release

  • Connectivity to other Hydrorock Solutions

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Ideal for residential projects

Sustainable Water Management for Residential

Due to the versatility and flexibility of the Hydrorock Aquifer Blocks, the system is ideal for retrofit, difficult projects and restricted spaces

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Ideal for commercial projects

Sustainable Water Management for Commercial

The Hydrorock Aquifer Blocks can accommodate existing infrastructure and immovable obstacles, going around corners and over/under and around pipes as required

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Ideal for car park projects

Sustainable Water Management for Carparks

The absorption and attenuation rates of the Hydrorock Aquifer Blocks allow for slow runoff, relieving the pressure from the drainage systems

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Ideal for highway projects

Sustainable Water Management for Highways

The Hydrorock Aquifer Blocks help the water infiltrate where it falls, dispersing across the whole site rather than collecting in one central place

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