HydroRock Subsoil Aquifer Irrigation System

Hydrorock Aquifer Blocks are a key component in the Hydrorock Aquifer Irrigation System.

Based on a highly innovative, totally new mineral wool product from Rockwool, this 100% natural material is totally ecologically and environmentally friendly. Hydrorock Aquifer Blocks are natural aquifers, soaking up water like a sponge, holding it like a reservoir and releasing it like a watering can.

Why use the Subsoil Aquifer Irrigation system?

  • Optimises subsoil moisture and cuts water use

  • Optimises plant health and increase crop yield

  • Increases land value and reduces labour costs

  • Highly efficient and cost effective

  • Highly versatile in configuration, installation and use

  • Readily scalable

  • Harvested rainwater feeds systems

  • Hosepipe fed systems

Water irrigation

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Ideal for horticulture projects

Sustainable Water Management for Horticulture

When the water pressure is equal between the Hydrorock Aquifer Block and the soil, water is retained within the block, however when moisture level of the soil drops as it dries, so does the water pressure and water is released from the block into the soil

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Ideal for leisure projects

Sustainable Water Management for Leisure

The Hydrorock Aquifer Blocks can be installed around courses, pitches and courts to provide better buffering, drainage and infiltration, making the surfaces more enjoyable for all

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