HydroRock Aquifer Water Infiltration System

Our Hydrorock Aquifer Water Infiltration System is configured for each specific site, allowing for far faster infiltration of rainwater. Our Hydrorock Aquifer Blocks give a new, cost effective infiltration system that has many advantages over current solutions. Based on a highly innovative, totally new mineral wool product from Rockwool.

This 100% natural product is totally ecologically and environmentally friendly. Due to its modular design, the infiltration can occur across a dispersed natural aquifer system. This greatly increases the surface area over which infiltration can occur. As water is held in suspension in the Hydrorock Aquifer Blocks, there is little hydrostatic pressure on the bottom surface of the system, so that infiltration can occur across the whole of the bottom of a system – unlike crated sumps, where water can only infiltrate from the sides.

Why use the Aquifer Water Infiltration system?

  • High infiltration efficiency

    • Prevents surrounding soil supersaturation
    • Dispersion capability
  • Infiltrates through the bottom which means it has a large surface area

  • Infiltration begins immediately as water enters the Aquifer Blocks

  • It is a dispersed system

  • Maintenance free and lasts a lifetime

  • Modularity allows smaller dispersed attenuation solutions

  • Faster and smaller installation

  • Readily scalable

Hydrorock Water Infiltration

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Ideal for commercial projects

Sustainable Water Management for Commercial

Due to the flexibility of the Hydrorock Aquifer Blocks, the system is ideal for retrofit projects, restricted spaces and is also key to minimising disruption

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Ideal for residential projects

Sustainable Water Management for Residential

The Hydrorock Aquifer Blocks can accommodate existing infrastructure and immovable obstacles, going around corners and over/under and around pipes as required

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Ideal for highway projects

Sustainable Water Management for Highways

The Hydrorock Aquifer Blocks help the water infiltrate where it falls, dispersing across the whole site rather than collecting in one central place

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Ideal for car park projects

Sustainable Water Management for Carparks

The absorption and attenuation rates of the Hydrorock Aquifer Blocks allow for slow runoff, relieving the pressure from the drainage systems

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