Hydrorock makes awkward project sites possible

The versatility and flexibility of a highway flooding mitigation solution using Hydrorock natural aquifers, can be the key to unlocking a project that would otherwise be unworkable.

Hydrorock blocks absorb water to 94% of their volume – that’s over three times more than gravel beds. Unlike crated tanks, they also begin infiltrating straight away from the base of a module as well as from its sides. So you need less Hydrorock to buffer and infiltrate the same cubic volume of water as alternative solutions.

In Surrey, this narrow tree-lined country road flooded regularly, but there wasn’t sufficient space to install conventional systems. 

Tree-lined country road with narrow verges - Surrey
To buffer and infiltrate 120 m3 of water per hour Gravel Hydrorock
Total footprint of solution (m2) 375 110
Total volume of soil excavated (m3) 485 145
The Hydrorock solution shows a clear advantage over gravel in terms of the footprint required and when the costs of excavation and spoil removal are taken into account, we typically see a cost benefit too.
Lizard Lane highway flooding mitigation

Hydrorock blocks come individually wrapped in a permeable membrane so they can be put straight into the ground in smaller available areas like a narrow verge without having to excavate more space to allow for laying, sealing and wrapping the membrane over a crated tank.

Hydrorock module

In South Tyneside, surface water would run off the neighbouring paddocks and golf course and flood the road for weeks. The verges were narrow and there were other underground services to avoid but there was still enough space to install Hydrorock.

Solution design comparison for South Tyneside Crates Hydrorock
Installation footprint (m2) – 185 m2 available 196 144
Excavation footprint (m2) 368 156
Excavation volume (m3) 552 235
Although a solution with crates was close to fitting in the available footprint, the oversized excavation required to gain access around the crates during installation was nearly double the available area. The Hydrorock solution was easily accommodated in the site and required less than half of the volume of soil to be excavated.

Hydrorock blocks come in a number of different sizes and formats to fit into awkward spaces, and modules can be split and reconnected with flexi pipes to get across or around immovable obstacles like trees, telegraph poles or underground cabling and pipework.

Hydrorock Block

We have live projects in the UK where the benefits of Hydrorock are unlocking difficult sites and providing solutions to persistent highway flooding.

If you have a surface water management project where a challenging site makes it impossible to use conventional systems, please contact us to see if Hydrorock Solutions can help.

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