“Bang, bang, bang… it’s so simple”

Installing Hydrorock doesn’t require any specialist training courses and can easily be carried out on site at the beginning of the project build phase. Beyond an initial briefing, we have found that contractors need very little further education on the product and how to install it.

Besides having the basic groundwork skills and tools, installation of Hydrorock is simply a matter of lifting the blocks into place and connecting them together with flexipipe to create a scalable buffering module. If using the blocks without connectors, as long as each unit is touching at least one other, then a single aquifer has been created.

Even our biggest blocks weigh just 35kg and can be effortlessly installed by two people

Compared to conventional infiltration or attenuation solutions like those built with crates, Hydrorock modules require fewer people to install – up to three times fewer in some cases. Added to that, the speed and simplicity of installation means that they can usually be finished in half the time.

The Hydrorock product range has been developed around the principle of a one or two person installation, with maybe another keeping them served with a constant supply of blocks if the site storage area is away from the trench.

Hydrorock blocks are delivered to site ready to install with no assembly or other product preparation required

The implications on project costs of needing a lower level of manpower is an obvious benefit of Hydrorock.

Also important is the ease in which the engineers and contractors get to grips with designing and installing the product. Not having to expend additional time and money on product training is a clear advantage over some of the alternative systems for attenuation and infiltration.

Lee Sergeant of South Tyneside Council

We have live projects in the UK where the flexibility of Hydrorock installations is being exploited to provide solutions to persistent highway flooding.

If you have a surface water management project where a more adaptable design could help overcome site constraints, please contact us to see if Hydrorock Solutions can help.

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