HydroRock Online Sustainable Drainage System CPD – Natural Aquifer

This online Continuing Professional Development (CPD) training/explanatory series demonstrates how Natural Aquifer SuDS are completely unique in their ability to absorb, suspend and infiltrate excess water. Whilst also being cheaper, greener and more efficient than alternative SuDS for new construction and existing highways, industrial and residential premises. Preventing flooding and drought, see how Dutch technology revolutionises what it means to sustainably and effectively manage rainwater.

Designed for highway, civil and drainage engineers, architects and other construction professionals, this CPD will give you a complete overview of how Natural Aquifer SuDS systems work, sector applicability and will take a look at some real life examples.

Learning Objectives:

Episode 1

Introduces the Natural Aquifer SuDS solution within the context of the fast changing SuDS landscape – including the growing adoption of greener, more stringent environmental SuDS standards based on international SuDS best practice.


Episode 2

Examines the key features and benefits of Natural Aquifer SuDS, providing compelling understanding about what makes it the most cost-effective, most efficient and greenest SuDS solution.


Episode 3

Looks at industrial sector applicability of Natural Aquifer SuDS – explores a few of the different Natural Aquifer Suds systems – and looks at some real-life examples of uses within projects.


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We hope that this online CPD has provided you with a good understanding about Natural Aquifer SuDS and has stimulated useful thinking and ideas about how Aquifer Blocks might be utilised to benefit you and your organisation.

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