Hydrorock has a lower total cost of installation

Hydrorock blocks are pre-wrapped in geotextile membrane, they can absorb water up to 94% of their volume and they begin to infiltrate immediately, which effectively increases their buffering capacity beyond their volume.

As a result, a smaller excavation is required to manage the same cubic volume of water with Hydrorock than with conventional solutions.

Compared to gravel, the excavated volume would be 3 x smaller. Unlike with crates, there’s no need to dig extra space around the installation to install the lining.

Tree-lined country road with narrow verges - Surrey
Excavation comparison for one part of South Tyneside project Crates Hydrorock Saving
Excavation volume (m3) 552 235 57%
Excavation weight (tonnes) 717 305 57%
Spoil-away weight (tonnes) 300 234 22%
32t lorries to site (20 tonne payload) 15 12 20%
Less excavated soil means less excavator working time, fewer lorries to take away the spoil, less environmental impact and of course lower costs.

Hydrorock blocks are fast to install. They come pre-wrapped in permeable membrane and the units with plastic channels connect together easily and quickly. The blind blocks with no channels simply have to be touching each other to form a unitary aquifer.

As you can see from this video, it takes 20-30 seconds to install each of the biggest blocks we have – and a row of six can be delivered, installed and fitted with connectors in under 5 minutes.

Another way that Hydrorock helps to speed up the installation is that the design is flexible to be able to deal with the unexpected.

If the project build timeline can be shortened by using products and systems like Hydrorock that are faster to install, then all the associated project costs are reduced too.

Plant and welfare equipment, traffic lights, signs and cones and of course manpower costs can easily sum to several thousand pounds a week, even on a relatively small project, so every day saved means lower overall costs.

A Hydrorock rain and surface water runoff installation typically gives a minimum of 20% cost saving compared to conventional systems and depending on the nature of the project can achieve a total installed cost of up to 60% less. 

We have live projects in the UK where all the benefits of Hydrorock are being delivered to provide cost-effective solutions to persistent highway flooding.

Please contact us to see by how much Hydrorock Solutions can reduce the total installed cost of your surface water management projects.

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