Motorways water management
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HydroRock Highway Water Management

Effective management of excess water on roads and pavements – controlling runoff and eliminating standing water

Highway water management problems

In areas which are concreted, tarmacked or paved, runoff water can be a huge concern for safety, drainage and onsite water management systems.

It is essential to stop water gathering in one place and to keep it dispersed across the whole site to stop flooding and relieve sewers. Hydrorock Aquifer Blocks are the answer to sustainably managing runoff water for both new build and retrofit projects.

Hydrorock’s solution

The Hydrorock Aquifer Blocks can be installed alongside highways or under roads and are ideal for retrofit projects.

The blocks are made from a unique natural material which has an absorption capacity of 94% of its volume. Additionally, due to the structure of the Hydrorock Natural Aquifer SuDS System, the blocks help the water infiltrate where it falls, dispersing it across the whole site rather than collecting in one central place and risk flooding.

Also, the absorption and attenuation rates of the Hydrorock Natural Aquifer SuDS System allows for slow runoff, relieving the pressure from the drainage systems and increasing the safety of the motorways. This intelligent water management systems means that clean water is stored and used when needed.

Disconnecting new and existing roads from the sewer system

HydroRock Hydrorock Highway Water Management Systems

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