Horticulture water management
Sustainable Water Management for Horticulture

HydroRock Horticulture Water Management

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Horticulture water management problems

Whilst rainfall levels have increased over recent years, groundwater levels over the summer months have fallen from several decimetres to just one metre in some places. This soil dehydration has affected green areas and horticulture across the country, further worsened by climate change. In addition, the quality of available water is steadily decreasing.

The soil in many rural areas has a layer of clay or loam which means that excessive rainfall cannot easily penetrate the soil. This can often lead to flooding and plant damage that can be solved by Hydrorock Aquifer Blocks. At the same time, during dry periods more water is needed for spraying and irrigation of plants.

Hydrorock’s solution

Hydrorock Aquifer Blocks allow for good use and maintenance of clean rainwater in a sustainable fashion which can be used for horticulture.

Hydrorock Aquifer Blocks are made from a unique natural material which has an absorption capacity of 94% of its volume. When the water pressure is equal between the block and the soil, water is retained within the block, however when the moisture level of the soil drops as it dries, so does the water pressure and water is released from the block into the soil. This means that clean water is stored and only used when needed for irrigation.

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