Leisure water management
Sustainable Water Management for Leisure

HydroRock Leisure Water Management

Maximises use of recreational areas and optimises condition of natural and artificial playing surfaces

Leisure water management problems

Due to the surface type of leisure spaces, they often have difficulty in draining heavy rainfall quickly so that they can remain usable. Likewise, during the summer months it can be challenging to keep grass surfaces and pitches hydrated and in good condition when more water is needed for irrigation. With the use of our intelligent Hydrorock Aquifer Blocks, rainwater is stored to avoid flooding and used efficiently for irrigation when required.

Hydrorock’s solution

The Hydrorock Natural Aquifer SuDS System prevents flooding and drought through its unique fast absorbency, buffering ability, infiltration rate and water retention capacity.

The unique natural material used has an absorption capacity of 94% of its volume and when installed horizontally provides excellent drainage for leisure spaces. Vertical installation promotes buffering and the gradual discharge of water into the surrounding soil, keeping it hydrated.

The Hydrorock Aquifer Blocks can be installed around courses, pitches and courts to provide better buffering, drainage and infiltration, making the surfaces more enjoyable for all.

HydroRock Hydrorock Leisure Water Management Systems