Residential Water Management
Sustainable Water Management for Residential

HydroRock Residential Water Management

New build and retrofit proper SuDS to manage rainwater onsite – protects against flooding and eliminates offsite discharge

Residential water management problems

Sustainable and efficient water management in residential areas is a hot topic, especially with climate change causing more and heavier rainfall. From this, local councils are looking for solutions to prevent flooding in streets, houses and gardens.

Residential areas often have large spaces which have been paved and built upon. These impervious surface areas impede the efficient drainage of rainwater during heavy downpours and results in large puddles causing damage and access issues.

Truly sustainable water management systems are needed to help offer a solution to manage this excess water and relieve sewer and water treatment systems. Hydrorock Aquifer Blocks are the answer to sustainably managing water onsite.

Hydrorock’s solution

Due to the versatility and flexibility of the Hydrorock Aquifer Blocks, the system is ideal for retrofit, difficult projects and restricted spaces. The blocks can accommodate existing infrastructure and immovable obstacles, going around corners and over/under and around pipes as required. In essence, the blocks can be installed anywhere a mini JCB can dig!

The Hydrorock Aquifer Blocks are able to absorb 94% of its volume, and when installed horizontally provide excellent drainage. Vertical installation promotes buffering and the gradual discharge of water into the surrounding soil, partly due to the filter cloth wrapping that acts as a membrane. This reduces water discharge, supplements the groundwater level in a natural way and relieves sewers.

HydroRock Hydrorock Residential Water Management Systems