Hydrorock is at least twice as fast as other solutions

Hydrorock modules are so easy and fast to install. Each block is simply and effortlessly lifted into place on a sand or shingle base, butting up against the neighbouring block and connecting to the one behind with a short section of pipe.

The blocks just snap together with a light shove and in no time at all a full 3 or 6 block row has been installed ready for the next. At each end of a finished module, flexipipe connects the installation to silt traps or gullies to collect surface water. The middle blocks are connected in a similar way to breather vents to allow air to be expelled by incoming water and drawn back in again as the water is released into the soil.

Hydrorock blocks without plastic channels or connectors simply butt up against each other to create unitary aquifers

When building an infiltration module or attenuation tank with crates, the polyethylene plastic lining has to be laid first to provide a watertight base. If it is raining, the trench will start to fill and the contractors assembling the crates will soon be working in water. During or after heavy rain, pumps may have to be installed to make working conditions acceptable. Prolonged periods of poor weather will inevitably delay the construction phase of the project.

Once a trench has been excavated, Hydrorock can be installed in any weather. As the Hydrorock natural aquifer blocks come ready-wrapped in a geotextile membrane, a sand or shingle base is all that is required for the products to be laid out on top.

It takes 20-30 seconds to install each of the biggest blocks we have – and a row of six can be delivered to the trench, installed and fitted with connectors in under 5 minutes.

Hydrorock blocks come wrapped in geotextile membrane meaning there is no need for the trench to be lined and sealed, or for the installation to be covered and taped before it is back-filled.

Laying gravel mesh and shingle on top of the blocks adds an optional layer of protection and load bearing for the Hydrorock before the site is covered over.

The success of any novel construction product can be down to how well it is received by the contractors working on site. When we get unprompted comments like this from Lizard Lane, we know that Hydrorock is a winner.

We have live projects in the UK where the speed of Hydrorock installations is being exploited to provide solutions to persistent highway flooding.

If you have a surface water management project where a faster speed of installation could overcome tight project timescales, please contact us to see if Hydrorock Solutions can help.

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