Due to increasing environmental implications it is critical that water management organisations put sustainability first, and actively challenge the use of buried plastics. We brought together six experts from across the water management industry to discuss this topic, exploring new sustainable technologies and debating viable solutions for difficult applications.

This conversation highlighted the global issues caused by flooding and the critical need for infrastructure that copes with this more effectively. Not only do traditional water management solutions require more space, time and money but also need life-long maintenance, unlike sustainable drainage systems such as Hydrorock that require no maintenance and can be recycled at the end of their life. SuDS also provide opportunities to manage water quality, amenity, and biodiversity, meaning that the surrounding environment can be improved through effective water management.

Hydrorock Podcast - meet the speakers

Ultimately, this discussion realised the importance of educating the water management industry and emphasising the benefits of choosing a sustainable option. To be able to truly achieve a sustainable future it is important to be united in our environmental focus and to find ways to streamline moving to sustainable alternatives. At Hydrorock we now offer a project advisory service to mitigate project risk and simplify the process of switching to a sustainable drainage solution – please get in touch if you would like further details on this.

To listen to our ‘Roundtable discussion on sustainable water management’ in full please click here.

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