You would have all seen in the news, or been unfortunate enough to experience, the extreme weather that has been presented to us in the recent months. Flash floods and heavy rainfall have been sweeping the nation and this is set only to worsen over the coming years, with climate change and continued urbanisation in full force.

“Parts of the UK could see a month’s rain in 24 hours amid floods”

BBC weather, Thursday 20th Feb 2020

Drowning in development  

The rate that excess water can be absorbed and infiltrate into the soil is hindered by impervious surfaces. Essentially the more we build, the more we are breaking the natural water cycle; thereby increasing run-off water and overpowering sewerage systems.

Those involved in construction in the built environment will be able to relate to this difficulty in managing this excess water, specifically within the confines of the site and in a sustainable fashion. Whether it be highways, residential or commercial spaces, sustainably and effectively managing water within the confines of a site is a continued and worsening challenge; a challenge which has been addressed by Hydrorock through using the Natural Aquifer SuDS System.

Aquifer SuDS Solutions

Hydrorock is completely unique in its ability to act as a real SuDS system both short-term and long-term, which is pivotal in dealing with this change of climate and to overcome the use of impervious surfaces.

Already proven in transforming SuDS in Holland, Hydrorock repairs the natural water cycle with its unparalleled water buffering, absorbency, infiltration and retention abilities. The Hydrorock Natural Aquifer SuDS System manages to do this by acting like a sponge soaking up water, a reservoir holding water and a watering can dispersing the water within the confines of the site.

In short, heavy rainfall will continue to persist over the coming years and Hydrorock is the only Aquifer SuDS system, that the industry is in such desperate need for, that can prevent flooding and the issues it causes.

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