As extreme weather conditions worsen, many cities are embracing sustainable drainage systems, such as Hydrorock, that treat water as a precious resource.

Organisations are now recognising the importance of working with nature, rather than against it, to manage the risk of flooding, however, there is still a long way to go. It is vital that new developments are built to be flood resilient and that existing infrastructure is retrofitted to adjust to the changing climate. Hydrorock natural aquifer blocks offer an environmentally friendly, effective and sustainable surface water management solution.

Sustainable Water Management

Hydrorock blocks form a unique water management system that replicates the natural water cycle by imitating a natural aquifer. It works by buffering, absorbing, infiltrating and retaining excess water to prevent onsite flooding and drought. Unlike plastic crates, the blocks also infiltrate from the base due to capillary action, significantly reducing the size of the Hydrorock solution required and therefore cost. In addition, using Hydrorock’s natural solution also prevents the unnecessary use of buried plastic.

Hydrorock is set to change the way we manage rainwater in the UK and across the rest of the world. With its flexible system and loadbearing capacity, Hydrorock can unlock sites and increase the build footprint.

Not only does Hydrorock perform effectively as a water management system, but it also manages to filter out toxins and pollutants effectively. Using the natural ability of the Hydrorock mineral wool to filter road runoff, pollutants are significantly reduced from entering soil and watercourses, making it the best choice for environmentally friendly natural SuDS systems.

Hydrorock has a whole life assessment, meaning it is a sustainable and cost-effective water management system that can absorb pollution for decades to come without having to be continually replaced and require maintenance. However, the sustainable journey of Hydrorock does not end during its ‘active’ life. After Hydrorock’s whole life assessment, the used system can be returned to the UK Rockwool facility, where it is then recycled into Rockwool insulation material – a unique Aquifer SuDS which continues to be green beyond its lifetime.

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