Sustainable SuDS from design, installation, performance to recycling

We aren’t shy to say that sustainable construction and green building design are the key motivators and drive behind our brand, team and our newly developed Hydrorock Natural Aquifer SuDS system. In fact, we are proud to say it.

Below we will take you on a journey of how Hydrorock is manufactured, installed, how during its life the system optimises soil conditions and repairs the natural water cycle, filters pollutants and lastly what happens to Hydrorock after its whole life assessment. Enjoy the ride!

We hope that this little journey has given you an overview of how Hydrorock is completely unique in how it is manufactured, installed and performs differently to alternative SuDS. We hope that our introduction of a greener, cheaper and more effective SuDS into the built environment will make people question why they are using systems which continue to have a negative impact on our planet.

If you have any questions regarding the sustainability of Hydrorock or project related questions, just contact our expert team below.

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