Benefitting our cities, health and wellbeing

The use of tree pits in urban landscapes continue to be ever increasing with councils, engineers and designers. But why? The answer the simple. Trees bring real benefits to our cities, health and wellbeing as well as preventing flooding.

“Each year London’s trees remove 2.4 million tonnes of air pollution, including carbon dioxide, dust and other gaseous toxins.”

With tree pits, it is essential that they have an effective SuDS system to ensure they thrive once installed. Lack of water and nutrients, as well as drainage problems are the biggest killers of newly planted tress in the UK. SuDS systems which encourage efficient irrigation and optimise surrounding soil water balance are key. And ones that are also cost competitive are even better!

We work with engineers, specifiers and planning officers to ensure tree pits thrive with our Natural Aquifer SuDS System. We have recently completed a project with 78 tree pits in which the existing sewage system become obsolete, flooding was solved, and a greener appearance with trees and scrubs improved the streets image. The process were very cost-effective, costing only £562 per tree pit. Check out the full case study to see how we prevented urban flooding. 

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