What is Hydrorock?

HydroRock Natural Sustainable Water Management

Already transforming water management in Holland, Hydrorock’s unique Natural Aquifer SuDS system prevents onsite flooding and drought. Made up of natural Aquifer Blocks which together form a decentralised water management system, replicating the natural water cycle by allowing the necessary bufferingabsorbencyinfiltration and retention of excess water.

Developed by Rockwool, this highly innovative system is made from a natural process using 100% mineral wool. Molten Basalt rock is spun into fibres which are laid down directionally to form solid blocks of varying sizes and densities.

The properties of the Hydrorock Aquifer Blocks enable it to be used as a versatile water permeable substrate, which acts like both a sponge and a reservoir. Its uniquely fast absorbency, infiltration rates and 94% water retention capacity provide unparalleled performance.

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HydroRock Hydrorock explained

HydroRock Properties of Natural Aquifer SuDS Systems

Totally natural – innovative new material of 100% natural Basalt Rock spun into highly absorbent mineral wool

Natural aquifer – mimics nature/allows rainfall to be readily absorbed into the ground close to where it falls

Decentralised solution – modular configuration allows dispersal and proper management of storm water/runoff onsite

HydroRock Hydrorock Aquifer Block’s Multifunctional Membrane

Hydrorock Aquifer Blocks are the main components of the fully integrated and highly versatile water management system. Using Hydrorock’s connectors and ancillary products, the blocks can be configured and installed in almost limitless ways and are encased in a membrane of specially purposed multifunctional filter cloth.

The erosion resistant membrane ensures the blocks are ready for immediate use and remain underground in optimum condition to provide lifelong operation.

The membrane also prevents the inflow of small particles of sand, soil or other materials and protects against plant and tree roots damage by encouraging growth around, not in or through, the Hydrorock Aquifer Blocks.

Beyond this, this intelligent design makes handling and placing of the blocks easier and protects against damage to their corners and edges.

The standard membrane is purposely designed not to impede water inflow (absorbency) or outflow (infiltration/percolation), ensuring exactly the same performance as a bare Hydrorock Aquifer Block.

Specially treated membranes can enable manipulation of the Hydrorock Aquifer Block’s performance for particular purposes, including slowing or steering the direction of infiltration.

HydroRockSuDS Unlocked Podcast

Take a listen to our new podcast series ‘SuDS Unlocked’, a robust discussion about the current challenges of water management that explores new sustainable technologies, debating viable solutions for difficult applications. Looking to a sustainable future and challenging the norm on buried plastic.

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